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Metal vs Hip Hop in Battlefield 3 this weekend
Metal vs Hip Hop in Battlefield 3 this weekend 01-06-2012, 07:51 PM
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Post Metal vs Hip Hop in Battlefield 3 this weekend

In a bid to settle the age old rivalry between metal and hip hop, we give you the Battlefield 3™ Metal vs. Hip Hop Challenge!

This Saturday and Sunday, you have the opportunity to play with (and against) Hip Hop artists Mickey Factz and Big Boi or Metal heads Dave Mustaine from Megadeth and Jonathan Davis from Korn to see what genre reigns supreme: Metal or Hip Hop?

To pledge your allegiance to Hip Hop or Metal, make sure to become a fan of the hip or Metal Platoon of your choice on Battlelog. Which of the two sides can amass the most fans and claim the title as the biggest force in music? Click the links below to go directly to the Platoon of your choice become a fan and pledge your allegiance:

Visit Dave Mustaine’s (Megadeth) Metal Platoon
Visit Big Boi’s Hip Hop Platoon
Visit Jonathan Davis’ (Korn) Metal Platoon
Visit Mickey Factz’ Hip Hop Platoon

January 7 and January 8, these artists will go head to head in Battlefield 3 for two hours. For a chance to join, become a fan of their Platoon and follow us on Twitter. We will tweet from @battlefield and post more information on the Platoon walls in Battlelog to let you know which servers you will find your favorite artist on. Read on for the full schedule.


Representing Team Metal: Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine
Representing Team Hip Hop: Big Boi

Time: 10AM-12PM, January 7 2012
Weapon of choice: Battlefield 3, Xbox 360®
Map and mode: Strike at Karkand, Conquest Assault

Representing Team Metal: Korn’s Jonathan Davis
Representing Team Hip Hop: Mickey Factz

Time: 10AM-12PM, January 8 2012
Weapon of choice: Battlefield 3, PlayStation® 3
Map and mode: Strike at Karkand, Conquest Assault

Throughout the month of January, you can also take part in the Metal vs. Hip Hop war by creating your own custom Metal or Hip Hop Platoon on Battlelog. Just name your new Platoon “[MvsH] Metal” or “[MvsH] Hip Hop”, gather as many fans as you can and prove your allegiance by playing Battlefield 3 throughout January.
Any game you play for your Platoon will be automatically monitored by the powerful stats tools in Battlelog so everyone can see who has the most badass Platoon. After the end of January, DICE will crown the champions among the user generated Platoons in a number of areas, such as total score amassed, number of fans, and more.
Now go out there and fight for the glory of Metal or Hip Hop! Start by siding with one of our artist Platoons, then create your own. Stay tuned for details on what servers Dave Mustaine, Jonathan Davis, Big Boi and Mickey Factz will duke it out on this weekend.


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